Hello world!

i live in a shoe box of misery. I have a masters in getting out of work, And waisting time. I spend way to much time on the internet. I have become very reclusive in my older years. i have only been on the planet for 25 to 30 years. And im not happy with what i see. I’m not ever happy with what i got. i have had the best of most things. And then i walked away. I searched with in. i searched with out. Lost my only two mates. once was the king and now have been demoted to scumbag. the cycle of the uppsy downsy. i have square eyes. Dad i did not go blind. i shot to thrill, nine months later. the most beautiful flower blossomed. the scent of this flower changed how i veiwed the planet, for a little while.  yeah so hear i am, make sure you bring tissues, my dribble is toxic.


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